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About Us

                 Surya Enterprises is Unique thinking and technologically advanced industrial plastic products Supplier & Dealer in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India and recognized as leading supplier of industrial plastic products. Surya Enterprises has quickly established itself as a reliable brand name due to its customer oriented approach, consistent product quality, wider range of products and services.


We always follow highest quality standards of technical excellence scaling new heights in its determination to delivery best every time.


We create value for our clients and partners in business. At the same time, our measures ensure we fulfill the diverse needs of customers. We view this as long term of competitive advantage by providing superior products for wider applications from both quality & economic viewpoints.

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We are committed towards supply good quality products, excelling laid down standards to delight our customers by continually upgrading our skill by maintaining a speedy and flexible approach we have been able to provide a stable and reliable supply base for our customer.


The Company is headed by inspirational leaders and manned by skilled and experienced personnel at every level to ensure consistent performance, steady growth and constant innovation. The collective efforts ascertain that every endeavor at Surya Enterprises is well directed and achieves the desired results within the stipulated time schedules.

Stringent Quality control, Latest technology has resulted in Surya Enterprises being the preferred choice of customers. The dedicated and skilled marketing team ensures complete understanding of customers’ need; effective service and proper guidance in aiding customers select the product best suited for their requirements. We believe in forging relationships that endure.

Our Quality

Since, quality is paramount for us we make sure that the end products match the exact technical specifications as per the client's requirements. To ensure quality, we conduct stringent quality checks at each and every stage of production right from the raw material stage till the final dispatch of the products. 

Our Capability

We are so proud that our company is committed to working reliably & honesty to keep up with our ongoing growth. We supply both highend & economic products to meet all kind of requirements of our Client's. Since our Payment and other Terms are also very flexible, they suit every Client.

We make our Products as per our Customer's designs and specifications to their full satisfaction and at the most competitive prices.

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